You’re never safe in the savage north, between the weather and it’s many feral denizens. You are never safe, even in your bed, but especially not outside of Winter’s Reach. Civilization grows mighty thin out there, if it can ever be counted at all, it can’t in the villages and out on the road, it’s too damn cold for civilization. When all the other areas of the world were being safely populated, being fought over time and time again, the peoples of the world ignored the Northlands.

For good reason too, because there, more than any other place on this plane, you are never safe!

These brave souls strive to make the north a place to live.

Borin Gromstock
Emma Smallfoot
Faelan Siannodel
Lash Bremlee
Daxos Iroas
Tadara Frosthammer
Walhand Sandtracker

A second crew was needed to fight the perilous north.

Gimble “Doublelock” Daergal
“Wet” William Popsprocket
Lasziros “The Lightning”
Runa Winterborn
Kettra Starquarry


15 Years Ago

The Gold Goblin Fleet was first spotted far off the shores of Netherall and rumours hit of a possible invasion into the Midlands. Their course was not the unified and heavily protected country though, so beyond a few scout craft there was no interaction. The huge vessels took their time churning through the deep ocean and several pirate vessels decided to take a peek. They were subsequently destroyed with just one ship to limp back to land and tell the tale, of gold. Holds, decks, and containers filled with gold like even the pirates had never seen. Immediately fleets of vessels were put together, funded by several criminal organization close to sea. Ignoring the warnings of goblins, giants, gnolls and other monsters they attacked. Most died. Some few came away with massive gold bricks of foreign design and baring unknown marks.

With this proof the nobles grew interested, but there was no mercenaries allowed in the Midlands. So many nobles conscripted their citizens, using loopholes in the ancient laws, to form small armies. North they sailed catching up to the monster fleet just days after they set to ground, miles south of the Northlands Colony border. The ships sat clearly abandoned, but empty of gold. The many groups of nobles banded together, and called to the Northlands Colony for aid, calling this an invading force. Always in need of more coin in the uncivilized country the nobles of the north sent more than they should have. Without the ranking of the Midlanders the Northland nobles and their troops were in the front lines at all times. It was they who took the brunt of the casualties, even before catching their prey. To the monsters and barbarians whose lands they crossed.

The Battle at Broken Pass happened when the ragged Midlands and Northlands army finally encountered the monstrous horde. While the pursuing army claimed victory it wasn’t much of one. They did succeed in closing the pass after much magical and mundane bombardment. But that was only after a vast majority of the monsters had made it through the pass, which had seemed their main focus.

The barbarians did not let the gold hungry army stay long and search for treasure. With a union of their own they attacked continuously at the edges of the battle weakened armies. Forcing them to flee East for the safer lands of the colony. A dozen bridges were built for the army to cross the River Swordfrost. Several of which were left standing and mostly unguarded, by nobles wishing to return for later gold searches. Those bridges, the lack of warriors to keep the native predators in check, and Midland’s nobles buying the best of the Northlanders to go south left the colony in complete decline. The brave missions of Hrogan and a young Marvik who burned down the few remaining bridges despite the legal wrangling of some greedy nobles. Even with the permission of the High Lords of Winters Reach Captain Hrogan got sent to the semi-banishment of Sleeping Giant’s Pass to appease the angry nobles.

Northlands Adventure

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