Northlands Adventure

Bar Room Bliss (Roll20)

Daxos, Emma, and Lash get to know each other for a little bit. After a little bit of conversation Lash takes to the stage for an impromptu song named Internet Woes that lasts like an hour and a half. So taken with the song the shirtless Daxos goes to his room to contemplate life. Lash finishes the song and comes down to join Emma and a new visitor, Rex Dimeadozen mumbling about a secret.

Before he can get it out Nina Waveharp gets accosted by a drunk and overly affectionate ruffian. Things quickly escalate into Emma’s favorite past time as she rushes in to help the well proportioned waitress. Rex gets punched, Lash gets slammed around, and jolly chaos ensues. All six members of the gang known as The Herd find themselves early to bed and worst bruised. Then their leader and boss lady tromps in a little late to the party but with enough muscles to equal her entire gang. Bovina throws some insults around, not good ones, then the fight begins again. POW! WHAMMY! KERFUFFLE! Emma knocks the She-Orc right out the doors. Lash and Rex get a drink. Then Lash takes to the stage already putting together his next song about brave Emma and Rex vs Cowzilla. Emma giddy after earning the everlasting affections of Nina.



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