Northlands Adventure

It Feels Naughty In Your Mouth

Day 316

Cleric Siannodel turned outdoors woman is training with her new friend Eir Sigsdottir are out ranging, talking, and learning when they come near a little communal village of sorts. It’s Pannilla and they make the second or third most famous Fermented Fish Paste, a regional favorite*. Before she could get introduced to any of the regulars, who know a good deal about local herbs and fish, bad stuff happens. A ghost ship is slowly, and I mean slowly, creeping across the water in the direction of Winter’s Reach. A drunk fisherman by the name of Sigrid goes out there and after a scream sits down and comes back.

Eir and Faelan decide it’s best to go back to Winter’s Reach and get the heroes formerly never really known as The Elklodge Auxiliary. There she gets the aid of Borin, Emma, Rundel, and some unknown mystery being. Following their nose to Pannilla they see The Rusty Tamborine (The Ghost Ship) is now stationary and the town is quiet. A knock on the Long House door shows that some of the villagers listened to Faelan’s warning and sought shelter from whatever shit was going to go down. Other’s didn’t.

After fighting and exploring a few of the towns the group learned that creatures were jumping into people’s mouth’s and taking them over. With some magic the creatures evacuated the hosts without doing them harm. Without magic it ruins them. She saves one of the sailors from The Rusty Tamborine and Gricca tells them a few details of his horrible experience. After the first episode the screen goes black as the heroes decided whether to take a break or not. Not noticing the water teaming with black slithering monsters or a forest of animals slowly converging on Pannilla.

*Pannilla’s Tinned Paste is a regional favorite like all Fermented Fish Paste is a regional delicacy. It’s only such to the certain percent of the population who enjoy such things.



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