Northlands Adventure


Day 270

After a couple weeks of down time, the group finally gets some work from Hav. Emma, Faelan, Khan, and Rundel accept the job and are sent to an abandoned section of the city’s sewer to deal with the Zookeeper’s latest tentacled beastie, preferably non lethally this time.

The currently half-frozen sewers of Winters Reach prove to be a bid of a challenge for the adventurers. Every member of the group eventually found themselves swimming in the frigid and murky sewer water at some point while trying to cross gaps in the tunnels. The adventurers encountered a pair of Gray Oozes and some Rat Nests while searching for Hav’s “tentacle beast”. The group eventually finds their target, and are unable to subdue the beast. The monster flees and the PCs return to Hav’s warehouse to regroup.

During the rest, Lash and Walhand are summoned to help with Hav’s task. The group return to the tentacle beast’s lair and fish the beast out of the water with a turkey filled waterskins full of strong whiskey. Once the booze kicked in the heroes were able to wrestle the beast into submission, completing Hav’s task.

Mail is waiting for the heroes when they return to The Elk. The first is a letter from Captain Hrogan expressing his concerns about an impending giant invasion. The second is from the Mage Tower requesting Rundel’s presence.

The group follows Rundel to the Mage Tower. As the heroes make their way through the city towards the Mage Tower the city’s warning bells and horns fill the air alerting the citizens of a nearby fire. The group heads towards the fire, which Faelen discovers that it’s at the Mage Tower from a responding guard. Faelen also finds out that the Mages were various monsters to melt the snow in the courtyard, when an apprentice lost control. The heroes battle a trio of Hell Hounds and 2 F ire Elementals in the courtyard and afterwards they meet Sapphen the Blue.



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