Northlands Adventure

Secret Training Ranch

Day 254 - Day 315

This is the story of a dwarf and his ram. Of how they became best friends.

Unfortunately it’s all a sworn secret.

So it’s a story that will never be known.

What we do know, what I have put together after exhaustive research over many years. Spending piles of coins on informants and augury. We all know the story of how Borin aka The Hillander Sentinel, the Pike Master General, and The Beard of Loinlather found Hannibal. Rescuing the citizens of Twelve Pebbles and the race of Giant Sheep themselves. This is all well documented by the songs of Lash Bremlee; Ramming Steed and Droves of Wargs and Goblins. In those hundred percent accurate tales Lash speaks from his perspective of the battles. Of how waves of goblins threw themselves at the heroes and were continuously thrown back, the citizens of the tent city saved. By Borin with the aid of his sidekicks; Walhand, Emma, Faelan, and Khan.

“There came a bleating to our ears. The heroes clothed in sweat, me in tears.
Borin strode forth toward the sound, when quiet lay the entire canvas town.
Over blood soaked stinking warg fur, warted flesh of goblins who did not stir.
There crawled a battered foe, but another hero was not letting it go.
Borin grinned his approval vast, for the kid who killed the enemy at last.”

That excerpt from Droves of Wargs and Goblins was the account of how Hannibal was found. Killing a goblin who was trying to escape from the Heroes. The real story comes months later when it is purported, even though he and his many Assistant Professors deny it, that Tark Lofgren trained both Dwarf and Beast. During those months at a place called either The Farm or The Branch, Hannibal and Borin spent nearly every waking moment together. Maybe there was druids or witches that magically bonded the two, linking them in some way. I cannot speak for much now, but I promise to continue my research, to get to the bottom of this barrel of mystery.

Journalist Hilda Omdahl



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