Northlands Adventure

The Infamous Pilgrim Mine

The PCs return to the Undertombs of Pilgrim Mine to try their luck at the next tomb. This tomb contained several levers that were needed to be activated to advance, but every time a lever was pulled a new challenge was place before the heroes. The first lever animated the stone statues in the tomb. The second, in a chamber full of bones, caused the bones to come together to make the skeletal torso of giant. The third and final lever opened a hidden door in the ceiling, which dropped a Gelatinous Cube upon whoever has close to the lever.

Upon reaching the final chamber of the tomb, the heroes were greeted by the Ghost of Mage Darheim and presented with an option to take a small chest filled gold or risk it all for the loot in the cavern below the tomb.

After much debate, the PCs head down into cavern below where they encounter a horde of Skeleton Giants. Before the skeletons attack, Darheim appears and tells the PCs if the wish to leave alive they must each add 200 gold pieces to the treasure horde and give up two of the groups magical items. The heroes refuse and an epic battle takes place. The PCs, already wounded and drained of spells from the tomb, are no match for the Darheim’s skeleton giants. At the edge of defeat, the PCs surrender and take Darheim’s offer. Lash’s magical sword Wolfsbane, Faelan’s Pearl of Power, and the gold are added to the loot pile and the PCs are allowed to leave with their lives.

Entrance to the tomb seals after the PCs leave and the return the Elk defeated. It is a sad in the North.



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