Northlands Adventure

The Sunken Tower - Dav loves Rudy

Day 244

Lady Avery Marcherone seeks the party out since they never bothered to contact her, even though they promised they would for the next adventure they went on. Nobody ever did. So she was kinda angry. Even more so when hardly nobody was there at the Elklodge. Well not nobody, there was Faelan, Khan, and the new guy Rundel. Lash was there to but nobody rolled high enough on their perception checks to notice him sneaking out behind the sailors. Probably because they were hot sailors and the person offering the mission was a noble, Hashtag Noblehater!!!.

So she blindfolds them, even though they’d rather not be, taking them on a forty minute ride. Mostly in circles. Then to a gated park like area, snow covered, where there is an obelisk. The Lady made sure that the trio of heroes were looking not, then swiped her password in it. The Elves keen ears caught that it was at least an eight digit password; with at least one cap, a number, and a special character. That done, with confirmation email and text message, a secret door opened down into a cavern.

Khan spidered down the rope provided by the incomparable Davtumal, but must have greased it. Two splats later a cleric and mage get to the floor. After a search of the well burgled room the trio come away with a grody dairy and a magically locked door. Thank Corellon that Faelan was there with her high elf birthright, using Arcane magics to unlock the door. Inside was what the elves decided to call a “Lift” and the humans (half of Rundel too) named an Elevator. Down but the elevator only went down a two floors, the third was all jammed up, Avery saying she’d get some idiots to unclog it.

The second floor was Kermit’s offspring if he never met that sexy bacon smelling pig. Evil, slimy, fanged frogs. A swamp that once was a… couple of floors of major sized tower. Exploring the room the group found some chandeliers in water, that Khan claimed. There was other loots too. In the middle was a pretty intact room, like an office, or tactics room. On the table was a couple of maps, one of theoretically where the Sunken Tower stood, the other of the Southlands. On it was several jades, almost as much Citrine, one garnet.

During the whole trip the group collected some of the frog eggs, which they sold to Hav. The gemstones. Some of the magic chandeliers. A few knickknacks. But the most valuable treasure they gained was the love an elderly servant for the childlike beauty of the half-elf Rundel.



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