Emma "Emmie" Smallfoot

A quirky, somewhat distracted barroom brawler.


Emma “Emmie” Smallfoot
Race: Lightfoot Halfling Class: “Barroom Brawler” Barbarian 5/Rogue 1
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Level: 6 Background: Guide
Worships: Yondalla and Corellon
Height: 3’ 2" Weight: 45lbs.
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Experience Points: 22,270+ 2,238
Description: Normally on adventures, Emmie is a female Halfling with brown hair and eyes she stands about 3 foot 2 and wears her hair normally in pigtails with red ribbons but has taken to wearing her sister’s tri-cornered black hat. She wears a puffy white silk poet’s shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a pair of blue breeches with a belt around her waist for her dagger’s sheath at the back and the sheaths for her wakizashi at her hips. She also wears a heavy, brown leather jacket with a long red scarf. Upon her feet are a pair of worn ankle high, bulky black leather boots and on her hands are a pair of her fingerless black leather gloves.

AC: 18 (17 w/o ring) Hit Points: 69 = 25 Spent 3DH
Speed: 35 ft. Hit Dice: 5d12/1d8 Initiative: +3

Strength 19 (4)
Dexterity 16 (
Constitution 18 (4)
Intelligence 14 (
Wisdom 14 (2)
Charisma 13 (

1 for Saves (because of Ring of Protection)
Saving Throws: Strength +7, Dexterity +6 and Constitution +7 (
2 so actually +3 for those and +1 for everything else)

Light load: 190lbs.
Maximum load: 380lbs.
Can push, pull or drag 950lbs. max, at full though she moves 5ft. However her size doesn’t matter.

Long jump: 10ft run = 18ft. or 9ft. w/o
High Jump: 10ft run = 7ft. or 4ft. w/o (w/ reach can grab 12ft-9ft)

Dagger, 7; 1d44 (6 in in rage) piercing damage (range 30/120)
Battle Axe [silver], +7; 1d8
4 (6 in rage)/ 1d104 (6 in rage) slashing
Unarmed, +7; 1d4
4 (6/2 in rage) bludgeoning
“Nutcracker” Warhammer 1, +8 (1d85 (7 in rage/1d105 7] used two handed) bludgeoning) [only one attack (magic though)]
Light Crossbow +6, (1d8
3 piercing damage [range 80/320])
2) Short sword (wakizashi) 7, 1d64 (6/2 in rage) [piercing]
14) Darts (shuriken) 6, 1d43; Range 30/120 (piercing) 18 left.

Weapon Proficiencies: All simple and martial weapons.
Armor Proficiencies: Light and medium armor, shields.
Other Proficiencies: Climber’s kit, mounts (land), Navigator’s tools and Thieves tools

Skills (+2 on checks)
Acrobatics +9
Athletics +11
Intimidation +3
Insight +4
Nature +4
Perception +9
Search +4
Stealth +10
Survival +4

Race: Lightfoot Halfling
Lucky: When a natural 1 is rolled on an attack roll, ability check or saving throw is rolled, reroll and take the new one.
Brave: Gain advantage on saving throws vs. being frightened.
Halfling Nimbleness: Move through spaces of creatures that are larger then you.
Languages: Common, Goblin, Orc and Halfling
Naturally Stealthy: Can attempt to hide even when only obscured by a creature one size category larger then her.

Class Barbarian:
Rage – 3/day (Advantage on STR attacks, checks and Saves; +2 bonus to damage on one melee attack per turn. Resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing)
Reckless Attack
Feral Instinct (advantage for initiative)
Danger Sense: Advantage against Dex Saves as long as I can see it.
Barbarian Path: Path of the Totem – Bear (resistance to all except psychic)
Extra Attack: One more attack per round.
Fast Movement: +10ft when not wearing heavy armor

Class Rogue:
Expertise: Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception and Stealth.
Sneak Attack 1d6

Background: Guide

Feats: Tavern Brawler (Martial Artist) [proficient w/ improvised weapons, bonus grapple attempt]

Winter clothes
2) Short sword (wakizashi) 1d6 20gp (in hip sheaths on her belt)
14) Darts (shuriken) 1d4, 50cp (hidden in her jacket)
Leather armor 1, 10gp (this is her leather jacket)
Ring of Protection +1 [
1 for saving throws too]
Traveler’s clothes
Everburning Bullseye Lantern
Light Crossbow 1d8
Bolts (20)
Climber’s kit
Navigator’s kit
1) bottles of wine
Torches (9)
Blanket, winter
Grappling hook connected to a Rope, hempen (50ft.)
Healer’s kit (16 uses)
Rations 10 days
Mess kit
Chalk (2) pieces
(2) Potion of Healing (2d4+2) healed up
(0) Magical Green Beers from Lucky (1d4+1 healing up)
Dagger (in a sheath at her back)
Warhammer 1 (1d81 bludgeoning)
Signet ring for the City of Grundin worth 50gp

2 electrum 444gp, 60sp 21cp 99 lbs.

Things in the chest at the Elk Lodge:
1) 10gp gem
1) 10gp bar of silver
2) 100g gems
Evil demon summoning book
History of the Rapala
2) other books from the library in the silver mine’s ruins.


Born as the middle child to a baker and his wife (she might help around the bakery but ask anyone who’s eaten her food and they’ll tell you she’s no baker or cook although she has been asked to make things for certain others by the local assassin’s guild).

Emma grew up in Shaena’s shadow as a quiet and timid girl before her big sister left. Shaena told her she’d have to grow stronger so Emma tried but she was easily frustrated by things although she stifled it. She missed her sister and at one point got it into her head that if she just made some more coin then maybe her sister could come home and not have to train to serve some silly human family.

Going out she got a job as a barmaid, waiting tables until she got grabbed for one to many times and punched the groper just once.. and with the feel of that punch she felt some of her frustration come out. With an almost feral grin she flew into a rage that started a bar brawl for the entire tavern.

Still throwing punches, kicking and screaming she was carried over the shoulder of a human and off down the road to another bar before she was plopped down into a seat and a mug of ale was put in her hands. “Drink,” came the command and she downed the mug before looking for the next face to punch.

The tall, bearded human looked scruffy and had a bit of gray to that beard. There were others at the table as well, different clothes, races and in various states of post brawl injuries. They were all drinking and the old human looked to her.

“You’re tiny, but there’s a lotta anger inside a ya, best ta get it out and focus it proper least ya do yerself or other’s harm.. life will knock you on your ass as it is, it don’t need yer help ta do so,” he stated firmly before gesturing to a barmaid and getting her another ale.

A few barroom brawls later and she woke up out in the woods with a heck of a hangover. Foraging, she made her way slowly back home. A week later she headed to the taverns again and searched until she found the old man and picked a fight with him. A number of barroom brawls later she woke up out in the same woods.. this repeated itself for a while as she started to learn the ways of the students of the drunken master.

She learned, how to use anything she could grab a hold of in the bar as a weapon, how to use her head, fists and feet to beat someone senseless, how to hold her ale and that the old man was an ex-monk who lived in a broken down old temple off in the same woods that she kept waking up in.

Learning how to make her way back to civilization and about the lands around her, she also grew out of being quiet or shy. More often then not the once silent shadow of a girl who stood in the back and was intimidated by life, would solve her problems with a solid punch or kick to someone or something.

She started to adventure with her sister and then her brother and did her best to never, ever stand in her sister’s shadow again. Her rage was blamed by her father onto her grandmother who Shaena’s named after ironically enough, another of the Smallfoot women but one who had taken up a very large ax when she’d gone adventuring.. Father’s side of the family were adventurer’s and mothers were the bakers, although when it’s time to cook something her side of the family claim’s the pair were obviously switched at birth.

When word came that Shaena was dead, Emma went into a rage that tore up a number of taverns until her master came and knocked her out and tossed her onto a ship with her belongings.

Pulling her up by the collar of her jacket he looked into her eyes. “Baka! I taught you better then that.. if you’re gonna punch then punch the right faces,” he demanded before dropping her and standing up and walking away as the ship started to leave the docks. “Go, avenge your kin,” he said before getting a running start and jumping the distance between the ship and the dock. Turning around he watched the ship go. “And get my damn hat back.. I will win it from you yet,” he yelled as she stood up and bowed to him.

The List
The mage Darheim
A mermaid maybe?

One love interest, past or present. Barmaid, not sure of her name, but she works at the Elk Lodge.

One person who currently doesn’t like your character. A mermaid, she had a broken nose.

One who is/was your character’s mentor. Master Whisper, a drunken master of barroom brawling. He runs a small broken down temple in the Midlands by a port town where the Smallfoot family bakery is. Most don’t remember him when he was young because most aren’t that old, except maybe elves and he’s found they tend not to go into a bar to get blitzed. Once jet black hair changed to salt and pepper a while ago, which has given way to gray and white in shoulder length hair, a white beard and mustache. His body is somewhat odd as it seems out of place with his head, as if someone took the head of an old man and placed it upon a gladiator in his prime.
The old man bathes twice a day and drinks a lot of water to keep hydrated which means he has to bring it all up the hill 100 steps up and then back down and he hates wasting time so it’s done at a run.
Whisper is a nickname, normally if trouble breaks out and he and his students aren’t the cause he’ll walk over and slip an arm around the person’s shoulder and whisper with rather graphic gestures exactly what the Hell he’s going to do to them if they don’t calm their ass down. Most wonder what he says, some get enough from the hand gestures to figure out it most definitely ain’t somethin’ good. And those who are talked to generally never, ever want to talk about it. He doesn’t mind a good brawl, but if someone brings an actual weapon into a bar fight he’s in and does so with the intent to commit a serious injury if not death itself, then he’ll take exception and go after them.

Rabbit who she’s taken in as her ward. I’m considering her taking the name Badger or Wolverine and he can become her trusty side kick, she’ll wear a dark black and gray costume with a clawed paw print on a yellow background in a oval on the chest, Rabbit can wear a canary yellow and fire engine red costume. Together they can patrol the city which after the demon invasion we can rename Gotham…

A sea horse, possibly dead now but wore a suit of armor.

Emma "Emmie" Smallfoot

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