Borin's Magic Spear


Weapon (Pike), unique, requires attunement

A thousand years ago a mindflayer was born with a mutation. He was not connected to the hive mind as fully as all the others. This was not apparent for several years and when it was he was cast out. From the many riches of his few kin he took a pike of the finest makings. Unsure of the solitude he freed one of his people’s many prisoners, a semi-intelligent giant spider. Through the years that followed he imbued the spear with magic, it’s superior crafting able to hold the arcane spells. Using it to keep his collection of friends close at all times, and alive for his lifespan.

He found and built a home on a lonely island on a lake. There he lived a happy life inviting more and more friends to live with him, in relative peace. His last act was turning his home into a cairn for him and his companions. Setting his spear to be their eternal tombstone only grasped by a worthy bearer in an unworthy world.

+2 Pike

Ability to bond with one willing creature per four levels. Doing that allows the wielder of the Akragore to transform their bonded companion to minute size. To keep it along during any circumstance. The bonded companion wanders around the bearer as if they were the center of gravity.

It takes one minute to “call” out the companion where it runs down the tip of the pike and jumps off, returning to normal size. Returning the companion to its small bonded size is a bonus action.

For each companion the bearer can channel the beings spirit, to gain some extra ability.

Hannibal: Leaps out full size to smash into an enemy of the bearers choice, pushing them back 10 feet.



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