Grunden Spellguard Shield


This shield’s face features a metallic circular design inscribed with dwarven arcane runes. When the shield is
held defensively, this rune-­‐scribed circle seems to lift off the face of the shield, then rotate. The design of this shield originated in a dwarven kingdom beset by drow. Its champions carried spellguard shields to defend against drow wizards and priestesses in battle.

Property: While you are using this shield, you have advantage on saving throws against spells. Also, you must be aware of the spell being cast at you, not surprised.

Attuned: Shield gains +1 magical bonus to AC. The shield also randomly absorbs spells cast at you (At DMs choice), granting random bonuses.

Currently Equipped and Attuned by Faelan Siannodel.


This shield was awarded to the group after their victory against a Hydra that made its way into the Waterworks.

Grunden Spellguard Shield

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