Haria'Tel Teualu

Faelan's Magical Swordbow


Weapon (sword/bow), unique, requires attunement

The blade of this longsword has the shape of a normal elven sword. Except it is not made of metal. It is made of the surface of a pool of deep dark water on a star filled and moonlight night. Touching the flat of the blade leaves fingers wet. The hilt, and sheath are very recognisable to Faelan. They are of her father’s making. One of the ones when he was young and out to prove himself. Much more heavily designed than the later ones he settled into. A glowing Larethian moon over top the howling form of a wolf, both of which look real.

When an arrow is touched to the weapon by the wielder it changes. Water from the blade flows down the hilt and collects underneath, transforming entirely into a longbow. It has all the same properties as the longsword, except that all broken arrows turn into saplings.

+2 Longsword and Holy Symbol

All allies within fifty feet treat the sword as having Light spell. But this moonlight is unseen by all enemies and allies outside the range.

Faelan’s waterskin is always full of chilled fresh delicious water.

As a holy symbol it adds it’s bonus to save DCs.


Haria'Tel Teualu

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