Northlands Adventure

Something, and tigers, and goblins! Timmy!
Day 230

The group was resting comfortably in the Elk Lodge when a red headed woman walked up to them and asked for help. A wagon driver by trade she needs to get her goods to Tiny Brook however something had been attacking those on the road as well as the incredibly large sheep from that area. Borin, Faelan, Khan, Lash, and Walhand agree to go.

Hired for the trip the group leaves in the morning with time not on their side as the wintry weather sets in. While the first few miles are uneventful and calm the threat of snow is made good as heavy dark clouds let loose and a blizzard begins. The two wagons with their oxen slowed down as muddy wheel ruts filled in with more and more snow. Something large, stalked the group, moving beyond the edge of the trees along side the road.

Trees that hung over the road had collapsed into it at one point making the group pause before the creature charged on his many legs. Hissing it’s head went forth upon a long thick neck the end barely showing to be a head besides the large black eyes of the beast, his flat nose and an all too wide grin of razor sharp teeth. Thick white fur covered his body as he bound out from the deep snow only to plunge back in once more.

The creature was quickly brought down however. Pressing on through the snow and getting deeper into night they forged ahead to the small but growing village of Tiny Brook. Deciding not to rest they talk with Garland Bush the leader of Tiny Brook, who paid them for their efforts before he handed them off to the young helper and shepherd Timmy.

Finding out that the village is threatened not only by goblins and their wargs but also by other creatures that are attracted to blood they stop in at the local dining area which is in the dryer’s, an area where they dry out lumber for burning or simply to use in structures. Using a number of fire pits the enclosure is kept nice and warm against the icy cold just outside. There they picked up a bucket of sheep’s blood which was used in making blood sausage.

Silently they walked through the darkness as a blinding snow storm blew around them adding inch after inch of snow to what had already been feet. Trudging along what was barely a path they entered an area that made Timmy concerned for them. Giving them a warning, Timmy vanished into the snow with his dog before a pair of white sabertooth tigers started to stalk the group, lured in by the smell of blood.

The tigers almost killed at least one of the party before they too met their end.
With some half dead, the group trudged onwards with the snow about as tall as the rogue halfling and the warrior dwarf. Almost to the canyon of the sheep the wargs showed up melting out of the darkness and storm with their goblin riders. A howl went up before the goblin patrol rushed forwards, but mere goblins and their allies were no match for even the injured group though some escaped.

Trying to track the escaping goblins to perhaps find their camp the group moved on before the cold and their own injures became to much. They made camp and got warm and rested as the heavy snow continued before Timmy showed up with his dog and a bundle of provisions for breakfast. Tracks gone the group turned back for Tiny Brook with Timmy showing them the path.

Although faint on the praise, once more Garland brought out a small chest and tossed the adventurer’s some hard earned coin and Miss Eaton, the wagon driver offered to take them back to Winter’s Reach.

Clan of the Cave Bearowl
Day 220

Human brigands upon Bearowls have been attacking the merchants wagons traveling the Long Road between Windermere and Miradanu (Home of the winter bees and their valuable honey). Marvik dispatches the group take care of the problem, warning that they took out some well trained merchant guards. When the group gets to Miradanu they meet the Noble in charge by the name of Iris Chandler, she gives the group the outline of what is happening and what is needed. The group travels with a merchant to Windmere but get nothing but a flyby. Then Borin has the idea to travel in a lightly guarded caravan. They recruit a brave genius, Master Wagoneer Polk and his expertly trained Oxen Sleeve and Ten. He leads them to not one but two confrontations with the Bearowl Brigands. Unfortunately the heroes had eager sword hands and iced one of the captured outlaws right in front of the the other brigand. That made it clear to the living outlaw that there would be no way out and he stopped being helpful. After wandering in the woods for several days the heroes left the outlaw tied to a tree, without an ear.

A Very Furrfling Halloween

The creature slips into the road just as the things round the bend in the road, it gently places the object down. The glowing green is entrancing to it, but also frightening, it pushes at the creature. It whispers things that the poor creature’s mind is nearly incapable of handling, like doing this now, in this strange cold place. The Green pushes him to prance around, to bat the object back and forth, to be bait. The grotesque things in dried flesh and shiny earth spot him, the green makes him wait, ensuring to be seen. Then he darts off, knowing his time is running out, almost happy for it.

The chase is a short one, it could have ended anywhere, into the ruins was what The Green wanted though. For whatever their reasons were. The sharpened stick stabs into the creature’s heart, he drops, his last breaths labored. Before his vision fades, he’s suddenly afraid it will be all green in whatever comes next, he sees the bald little she-monkey lift the orb. Exactly as the Green wanted.

“Thren divago colaindivare!” The anciently garbed priest repeated, he’d looked a little worried, before the glowing yellow ball had started to appear. Now the light filled the room, a darkness at its center, an opening. “Thren divago colaindivare!”

It was big enough to walk through, even the mindless furrfling humanoid stared at it with hope. The priest’s voice rose once more, the portal solidifying, then gave a nod towards Borin. One by one the last off the citizens of the cursed city and the Elklodge Auxiliary made their way through.

Inn Tender Traice Maramos, his wife Deeana, daughter Moira, and dwarf waitress Quida Graniteheart. Priest Stella the dwarven cleric of Pelor. The battle maid Maglynn Whittle and combat butler Rikland Jeeves. Blake, Thera, Argo, and Prayce of Whiteonyx House. Near crazed Wilros & Janora Trippler formerly inhabited by furrflings. Reed Elsevier the newly vowed vegetarian. Sneaky Verra Nexus from the spider webs. And Ripley Cleary upstairs patron who was the sleeping furrfling.

Making Friends

The PCs head to Eastholme after hearing about a group of werewolf hunters hiring adventures to aid them in slaying a local werewolf threat. Once reaching Easthome, the PCs quickly locate the werewolf hunters known as The Silverwraiths. Negotiations go well until Sebastian, a member of the Silverwraiths, notices that Walhand is in possession of his lost silver rapier. A heated arguement takes place over the ownership of the silver rapier and an agreement could not be reached. The Silverwraiths refuse to hire the PCs to help them slay the local werewolf menace, Old Fang.

The PCs return to Winters Reach, where they run into Jameson once again. Now that The Silverfish is operational once again, he is able to hire the PCs as protection for the journey back to the fishery to deliver the finished troll fat earplugs. On the way to the fishery, the PCs slay a herd of stampeding Rabid Horses.

The Silverfish is under attack once again when the PCs arrive. The fisherman are fairing much better than normal with their newly acquired bows, but the harpys are proving too much for them. Luckily our heroes were there to save the day once again.

Troll Fat

Another request from Jameson, this time a paying request, to retrieve some troll fat to make ear plugs to protect his fisherman from the call of a Harpy. Jameson gives the group a Field Manual: Trolls to aid them on acquiring troll fat. After reading the book, the PCs realize that they had not defeated the pair of Trolls from Hosten. The PCs hurry back to Hosten to finish off the Trolls and gather the troll fat.

Zookeeper (SQ) Stirge Swarm and Displacer Beast

Khan and Borin are called upon once again to take care of a couple of problems for Hav.
-The first is a swarm of Stirge at the Secondary Warehouse outside of Winters Reach.
-The second situation is that a Displacer Beast has gotten loose at the Dock Warehouse.

Watery Gnoll
Day 160

Three adventurers got a job to kill some gnolls in a town called Windmere. They marched down the road, tramped through the forest, and found a ruin three days old. From barn to shore, then south for a stroll, finding two gnolls and their score. The three adventurers made monster DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! They had to wait for their boat, because none of them could float, so the goods they did tote. In the barn did they sleep, until Borin had to pee, and found ten gnolls surrounding the adventurers three. The halfling shrunk them by two, the musician sung death to four, and the dwarf shorted the rest. They got some gold. Their adventures were told. All three got some barmaid’s special reserve.

Dr. Khan, Medicine Elf

A down on his luck Jameson, asks the group to volunteer their time to deliver some trade goods, then return with a shipment of short bows and arrows. Faelan Siannodel has to pay the rest of group gold from her own pocket to get them to agree.

During the journey to Hosten, the PCs encounter a silver-tongued half-elf, who is selling a silver-bladed rapier for a mere 60 gold. To good to pass on, Walhand Sandtracker buys the sword. The rest group warns that the sword is probably stolen, Walhand buys it anyways.

Once reaching Hosten, the group goes to deliver the trade goods to the village’s bowyer, only to find the Bowyer near death and his wife as been captured by a Troll. Faelen uses her healing magic to save the Bowyer’s life, but one of his legs is too badly damaged to be saved by the spell. Khan Shadowstar decides to try his luck saving the Bowyer’s leg, only to end up crippling the bowyer permanently (critical failure on Wis Medicine). Following an easy trail left by the monster, they are led to an old bridge over a small creek. Screams of the Bowyer’s wife could be heard coming from under the bridge, the PCs hurry to help. The PCs battle a pair of Trolls and save the Bowyer’s wife. Thinking the Trolls were defeated, they behead the monsters and return to Hosten. The Bowyer, still thinking that it was the troll who crippled his leg, awards the group with a family heirloom, the Quiver of Tardis.

Bodyguards and Bullies (OA)

Lash and Emma do a round of the locals, trying to find the guards needed for their project in the collapsed section of the Pilgrim Mine. Emma immediately disappears from Lash’s side, going off on her own, leaving him to do the work on his own. The Bard extraordinaire scopes out The Crazed Narwhal where his sourced told him to go, then stops by Hav‘s. The kind importer lets Lash stash his stuff there for a bit o coin, letting him borrow a normal cloak to. Lash uses Shaena’s Gift to disguise himself as an alter ego, one Hals Meebler. There he talked the Far East Mercenary Leader into taking on the job of protecting the dwarf miners while they excavated the Mine.

Meanwhile Emma scared some kids and made a friend of a rascal named Rabbit.

I'm turning Goblinese! I really think so!
Day 140

For a few days the heroes sit around staring at each other, arguing over who is going to do something, most everyone agrees that Faelan and Emmie should be the ones to scrounge up some adventure. Mostly Emmie since she has a long history of being capable of generating shenanigans.

Luckily enough though Lash’s NPC, err friend Sedrick Blackgold, approaches the group looking for some material components from Windmere. It was a boring trip, there and back, or partway back. The group stumbles upon a frantic goblin, instead of immediately demolishing it, the heroes chat the agitated beastie up. Turns out, not a goblin at all, but a Professor of the College of #^!# TRANSLATION ERROR #!^#. One Professor Laddia Leah tells the group that her experiment is almost ruined by a bitch of a monster.

The group kills the thing. Then gets back to their warm beds in The Elk. Hurray!

Also it’s GOBLINESE!


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