Northlands Adventure

Denizens of the Deep! First Tide
Day 135

It’s your average day in The Elk Lodge; Faelan blissful in her fervor to the god of moons and pointed ears, Wall who is going to wait just two more minutes before slipping into the night to perform some nefarious acts, Lash strumming his lute which unequivocally invites the affections of all the maids of bar, Khan quietly silent while pondering the hush of infinity, Borin enjoying the shit out of some mad hell-a good ale, Emmie sipping booze covering her real deed the writing of “How to Make Arch-Enemies and Nemesis of All Peoples.” When the door opens in one of those ways where it’s instantly clear the plot has come to The Elk in more than just a vague way.

A figured wreathed in black and shelled in steel plate dredges up to the bar. His deep inhuman voice washes over the room, he’s asking for a female halfling, pulling out a picture of a tri-corner hat. Offering bribes and rewards, Emmie reveals herself, but then refuses to go with the stranger. He pulls out a mace, the group pulls out their assorted weapons, the fight goes bad for the Dark Stranger. Once defeated the group viciously rips the thing apart, divvying up his shell, Emmie dumping the barely living Eel into a pitcher. Dumping it like waste into sea she then returns where Borin takes the lead in investigating where this strange automaton came from. Their search leads them to The Vacant Stare a bar down the road, the unhappy competitor of The Elk Lodge, the bartender pointing out Rex Dimeadozen to the groups question. Rex, recently drunk and well paid, says he was hired by Dark Stranger down by Peanis Rock.

Once there the DM throws the group a bone and has boot prints in the sand for them to follow. It leads to a strange sight, a glass and steel bubble, the construction of which totally unfamiliar. They fetch Mage Sedrick their only arcane contact, who looks over it and agrees with the groups collective opinion, it’s a Octoman device. But he doesn’t know how to get into it, agrees to try to gain entry, or find a buyer. They roll it to one of his inconspicuous warehouses right down the road from him.

Not two days later the group get a message from Sedrick, at his place he tells them somebody tried to break into the place, the group sets up a reverse covert watch. Eventually a mini Dark Stranger appears, getting scared off by the group, but the two mini members of the party give chase. After a brief dialogue they discover the name of the thing they took is an Oculus, the Small Stranger says it’s theirs. The group says no, then give it a beat down, once more Emmie dashes it to the sea. This time it’s a Sea Horse, she flicks it off, which is number 47 on her list of how to make enemies. “Rule 47: Always leave your defeated foes alive if possible but make sure they know you think they are shit.”

After that little run the group somehow find themselves on guard duty, where more strange stuff happens. A Yeti carrying a bag plays possum, luring the group in to what would be certain death to anybody else, as several more yeti attack. Once dead it’s clear all the Yeti are showing signs of greater intelligence than normal, wearing clothes and carrying stolen goods. The head of a noble elf who was out star gazing, Marvik takes care of that, while the PCs sell the noble’s equipment. Before things faded to black the butler Davtumal Knude requests that the group considers his master’s offer, to take her along on their next quest. They agreed, for a price.

Off To Grunden We Go
Day 115

With no current mission from Winters Reach’s captain of the guards, Marvik, the PCs are “gently” pushed to pursue the ghost of their fallen comrade, Shaena Smallfoot. The group (minus Borin this session) starts pursuing this by speaking with the owner of the mine, Foreman Jym. He approves the PCs clearing of the collapsed section of the Undertombs, but tells them that they need to supply their own miners and security, also there is a current shortage miners for hire in Winters Reach, due to all the deaths at the mine. On top of that, the crew needed to clear the debris would have to be experts due to difficulty of the job. Jym suggests that they try to locate the Mountain Dwarves of the Frostring Mountains.

To learn more about these Dwarves, the PCs head to the man in charge, Marvik. The guard captain sends the heroes to Sleeping Giant Pass, who are known to trade with the dwarves occasionally. As usual the journey to the Pass is dangerous. The PCs encounter a large pack of Dire Wolves and Wolves, then later they clear out the Yeti den that was avoided last time and a mysterious pearl that is warm to the touch is found on a cleric’s corpse in the cave. The Pass is reached, and Hrogan gives the PCs a place to stay for the night and directions to the Mountain Dwarf city of Grunden.

The next day, the PCs head towards the Dwarf city and while traversing a rocky section of terrain, a pair of Manticores attack from the northern mountain. It’s a tough battle, but the PCs prevail.

The fortified gates of Grunden are reached, but they are stopped by the door guard, Odder and are denied entrance. Information is eventually gained from young Dwarf recruit and they are told that the city is on lockdown from a recent Ogre attack. Naturally the PCs volunteer to deal with the Ogre menace. Odder gives directions to the foraging grounds where the attack took place, but the directions are unclear and hard to follow. Khan Shadowstar is the one to “elf up” and lead the group to the attack site, but Odder’s poor directions prove to be difficult to understand and Khan leads the group to the tactically poor east opening instead of the north entrance. They observe the group of 2 Ogres, 2 Dire Wolves, and 6 Orogs for a couple minutes while they decide on how to deal with the savages. The group goes with a plan to try to persuade the monsters into laying down their weapons and retreating. Khan and Lash almost pull it off, but it proves too difficult of a bluff. A very difficult battle that the PCs almost did not survive takes place, but the war party is defeated. Gold, some weapons, a couple buckler shields, a potion of healing, and a sealed scroll case are looted from the fallen monsters and then to show proof of their victory, the monsters’ heads are taken.

The Ogres’ defeat gains the PCs entrance to the Dwarf city. The search for Dwarf miners/engineers takes the PCs to the council member, Warhil Denstone, who agrees to let the group hire Dwarves if they first help clear the monsters that recently invaded the Waterworks. After clearing out several different areas of monsters, the final battle takes place in the reservoir chamber against a Hydra. The PCs prevail and are awarded the title of Kelgadune (translates to Battle Friend/Ally), Grunden Signet Rings (made of gold w/ tiny sapphires & opals, worth 50gp), the right to hire Grunden miners, and finally a Grunden Spellguard Shield.

Upon returning to Winters Reach, Lash Bremlee and Emma Smallfoot set off to find guards for their newly acquired dwarven miners. They head to the Docks, as suggested by Marvik, to look for look for guards-for-hire. While searching, Emma gets distracted by the local boy, Rabbit and an elaborate game of tag follows. During the tag match, Rabbit is confronted by bullies. Emma and Rabbit flee and are able to evade the pursuing bullies. Emma offers to take Rabbit in and get him off the streets. Rabbit accepts the gracious offer and moves into the Elk.

Meanwhile, Lash goes on alone to find guards. His search eventually takes him to the Crazed Narwhal in the warehouse section of the docks. Using a Disguise Self spell, he his able to get by the half-orc bodyguard and gain entry to the bar. Lash makes a deal with a group of Far East mercenaries to guard the dwarf miners.

The Tree's Run Red Part 1 (OA)
Day 93

Arhanna is the reason for this outing when she pops in at The Elk Lodge asking for a guide and protection on her vacation, along with her friend Stark.

Brown vs Green (Point Brown)
Day 90

Sedrick Blackgold stumbles into the Elk falling into a chair and getting Balguun to collect the group. Faelan was there first, luckily enough, earning a few coins in healing Sedrick. After a few questions she turned it over to Borin who found Lash to help him go fetch some Adama Bush clippings. Khan uses his stealth ranger abilities to shadow the two, remaining completely unseen, while they went to the cave with Sedrick’s magical containment containers.

The cave is under Brokeleg Hill a couple hours outside of Winters Reach. Inside Borin comes across a green rabbit who is foraging through some grass that is growing in a pocket of sunlight shining down from the pocked hill above. After failing to communicate with that rabbit, and witnessing it and another of it’s emerald compatriots kill a brown creature, Borin moves on. Him and Lash bump into some more of the brown ones, who turn out to be rabbits as well, wearing mushroom shaped armor. Here Borin tries a little harder and barters away a dagger for a way to communicate, as well as assistant in finding the Adama Bush Clippings.

Two of the shroom loving beings get the heroes to a large cavern where there is an entire Green Rabbit city. Borin instructs Lash into chopping on a branch while he destroys many of the city’s residents. Getting several clippings from one branch the duo overfill each canister and have extra to bring back to Sedrick. Sedrick sends the containment containers off with The Seacat, promising 50/50 on the profits, when the coin returns.

Guard of Duty
Day 88

Emma Smallfoot and Borin Gromstock are sent to Pilgrim Mine to help protect it while repairs are made to the camp and mine.

During their guard duty, Emma and Borin successfully defend it from a band of Hobgoblin raiders.

They are rewarded with some gold and potion of healing each.

Revenge of the Harpies & Return to Pilgrim Mine...again
Day 83

Marvik gives the PCs two job options this time. The first is a distress call from the The Silverfish, the harpies have returned in force. The second is a report sent from the guards stationed at Pilgrim Mine, the mines have been shut down by infestation of Giant Centipedes.

Our group of heroes first head to the Silverfish and successfully defend the fishery from the Harpy siege led by a vicious Marpy.

By the time the PCs reach Pilgrim Mine, the outside camp is in ruins. A group of survivors is found inside a boarded up longhouse and they give the PCs details of the attack. The PCs head down to the Undertombs to find the source of the infestation. While taking a short rest in front of the entrance , an apparition resembling the groups fallen comrade, Shaena Smallfoot, is spotted by the collapsed side of the cavern. After the ghost gives the group a raspberry, it vanishes into the rubble. The PCs later find a corpse of a miner that is grasping the silver key that was left in the water filled pedestal last time the group was in the tombs. Taking the key with them, the PCs head to chamber the contained the pedestal. While in the chamber, the PCs are attacked by several Carrion Crawlers. After defeating them, they return the key to water and the statues’ mouths close stopping the infestation.

Rescue in Time
Day 80

The dastardly villain Zanry Tahm shows up in town, purchasing supplies, if this was the first time or just the first where he got spotted is not known. A frantic ~ Gaille Chanzice seen him in the streets and runs to the nearest people able to help, the heroes of Pilgrim Mine at their normal spot, Elk Lodge. They run over to the Temple to update ~ High Priest Shim Heshe and his priests, who send out a page to inform Marvic, both collecting a large force to accompany the group.

Not to far out of town the group spots Zanry making his way down the road, but he is not alone. There are furrflings in the trees! A massive pack of them come pouring out of the trees to subdue pursuit of their master. ~ Captian Marvik runs forward, forming a wedge with his guards, so the heroes and Shim’s priests to go through. They have to catch Zanry! The villain has more tricks up his sleeve, before the group can get to him he throws magic barrels over his shoulder, which grow and shatter onto the ground. Inside are very large Furrflings, nicknamed Furrkings, that hold the group up just long enough for Zanry to make his escape.

Little does he know but Emma Smallfoot has been granted the magic of the long forgotten Ascendant, at the portal she opens it with the will of her mind. The group rushes inside, then decide to send the priests one way and go the other, ~ Arhanna Icebrook accompanying the group in case they need healing. Wandering the halls of time the group ignore the insanity around them, focusing on their task, to save the Chanzice children. Finally finding the right door they burst inside, seeing an elderly lady chained to the wall, while a green wizard like Zanry keeps watch on her. He’s clearly an evil prick so the heroes drop a crap load of damage on him, picking up his gear. The lady introduces herself as Manthisisreallyhardtosay’ becauseyouhave’ tosayitinanewenglandaccent’ Whileholding-yourtongue or “M” and that she’s been waiting for them. Out from the wall comes Lasik her miniature Beholder, who pukes up her equipment. From there she leads them into the next room, where a group of Furrflings are holding a religious ceremony, not liking the anti-alcohol sentiment of the sermon Borin Gromstock carves a path into the prohibition zealots.

M uses the High Furrfling Priest’s blood to open the next portal, which leads to a large room where a massive spell is being cast. The heroes attack, Walhand Sandtracker slipping about to sneak attack some of the wicked wizards; while Lash Bremlee, Emma, and Borin drive their way forward. Soon all the enemies lay dead and bleeding, bleeding and dead, or some combination of the two. M and Emma combine their powers to open a tunnel to the floating island where the Chanzice children are. Lasik goes in and fetches one of them, the group chooses Touwmeral, then they are flung from the portal. On the opposite side Shim and her priests are spun out as well, only they have the other child, achieving victory. Bizarrely Shim and it’s priests tell a tale of the heroes, albeit a slightly better outfitted group, were the ones to meet them and hand off the other kid.

When Bearowls Attack! (OA)
Day 75

Lash Bremlee, Helio, Borin Gromstock, and Arhanna Icebrook go out to investigate the strange reports of an abandoned Winter’s Reach vessel that is shooting at fishermen who come to give aid. A few friendly fishermen going that way give the adventurers a ride out to the boat. On shore the three move up, with the apprentice covering their rear, to the deserted vessel. Before they can get to close they are challenged by a goblin, who claims the ship under “finders keepers”, Helio doesn’t believe in such a simple ideal. The monk and bard storm the ship, dispatching the lowly vermin with ease, only to see the true monsters. Great big owls with the maws of a bear, the upper arms of a bear, and a hunger for humanoid flesh.

Borin covers the escape of the friendly fishermen as they escape from their occupied boat, taking potshots at one of the things. The other drops some large chunks of ice down onto the goblin occupied boat, damaging Helio and Lash. Then, because Lash asked for it, the creature drops onto him in deadly rage. Helio and a quick footed Borin dispatch what they call a Bearowl saving Lash, only to piss off the male Bearowl. It quickly comes at the three but a couple of arrows throw off its accuracy and it hits the deck, gets a few slashes in, then dies under the combined might of the heroic trio.

Arhanna provides healing for the injured, both the fishermen and heroes, so nobody dies. The fishermen recover their abandoned boat, helping bring the lost one back, the ships owner pays a reward for it’s return. The fishermen mourn the loss of the vessel’s dead crew, but in the north life is hard, death is easy. After Lash drops off the dead Bearowls to make into a new cloak he is told that they were only yearlings, dangerous but not nearly as much as full grown Bearowls, which could have easily eaten the heroes whole.

Are you full Yeti? (OA)
Day 72

Marvic the busy guard captain asks a few members of the group to help him out with patrols. Borin Gromstock, Khan Shadowstar, and Lash Bremlee agree to earn some extra coin and to fill their downtime. Flash forward past all the boring walking and silence as Lash tries to get the grumpy dwarf and withdrawn elf to do more than grunt replies, to the growling from the forest. The three heroes investigate and run right into a Yeti. They promptly dispatch it mainly with ranged weapons. After killing it Khan gets all unresponsive but with more rumblings from deeper into the woods Lash and Borin delve deeper into the forest to finish their mission.

Here they find a truly strange sight, a human cleric of some kind, feeding his own living flesh to another Yeti. The walking pile of fur, claws, and teeth obeys this man, attacking when he says so. Even without the elf archer the dwarf pikeman and human bard defeat the hand fed Yeti. Unfortunately without the sharp eyes of the elf the evil or deranged cleric slips off, promising vengeance so great that it would rival any, any but from the obscene mind of a mermaid.

On the way back Khan is nowhere to be seen, he either abandoned the group or got eaten by another unseen Yeti, leaving Lash and Borin to worry for days.

Under Lock and Key
Day 56

Early in the morning, almost to early, there is a knock at the door. One of the maids is there after you unlock your door to report that High Priest Shim is waiting in the common room. Once everyone assembles Shim explains that this whole time the apprentices have been working to find information on the disappearance of Rorion and Tauwmeral. It seems they’ve only got a small lead. Shim points to an apprentice, who smiles weakly up at the group, then rambles on about what she has found. The young apprentice details the way she went back decade by decade looking for any information on the ruins. Nothing turned up, but she did run across something interesting, a page from a long forgotten book. Just one page was saved, most of it dominated by a picture, of a figure holding out one hand in the “stop” gesture the other hand holding a glowing slim bladed longsword. A shimmering “portal” seems to be closing before the figures power, a horde of scary shadows locked on the other side. On the bottom is a few lines of text, an ancient archaic version of common, that neither Shim or the apprentice can read fluently. The most important one is the word for portal, a word for open and close, with reference to magic. Another word that the apprentice can read is Intendant, with an honorific, as in THE Intendant. She isn’t certain but she remembers that honorific, from something else, but just can’t put her finger on it.

Walhand Sandtracker provides the Apprentice Arhanna the needed clue to get her mind working, an old elven tale. In it the elves of some southern country are enraged by a great even infesting their lands. The enemy uses portals to other worlds which is their greatest power and their weakness. Through an augury the Elven people find out the answer to their need lies in the north. So they put together a dozen ships and set sail into the great unknown. After many harrowing events the elves found the island, marked with a giant keyhole shaped cave, on that island one of them discovered great power. With it they returned home and locked the portals of their nemesis in their lands, thus winning the war.

Our heroes seek that power, or information on it, since it seems the power there was both for closing AND opening portals. Since the island is in the north the group quickly makes their way to the most knowledgeable people of the sea, sailors. All those men and women point a finger to one person the captain of the ship Coin Siren, one Neverlynn The Seacat.a Explaining to the group she is their only choice, she is almost certainly the only one to have traveled far enough to have seen the island, she will take the group… for a price.

The Price is the group helping her Haunt her ship, using a new magical ritual discovered in the south, she will imbue her prized vessel with certain magical abilities. The problem is that during it magical beings and creatures in the area become enraged, crazed, and attack. So she gets the Group to help in return for her help. The next day they they go to sea, to an area known for it’s infestation with Ice Mice, getting attacked soon after the ritual begins. Ice Mice of various sizes attack and are easily defeated by the group, lastly a Mermaid climbs the ship. Lash calls out, Emma punches her in the face, Walhand shoots her with a bolt almost before she can get on deck. Another quick couple of punches from Emma and she knocks the being out before it can say or do much, then chucks her over the rails, probably not never to be seen again.

Despite the danger Neverlynn takes the Coin Siren out the next day to the fabled island, to deliver the group. Inside the vast Keyhole shaped cave is a whole dock, with a hook that slams down on the deck of the ship, locking it in place. Off the ship the group go looking in the area for a way to release the ship, all they find are a bunch of dead yeti (blue ones), peppered with arrows. The dead or ancient, so is the writing used on the tablets used in the office they find, delivering back to Apprentice Arhanna.

Still looking for a way to unlock the ship the group searches far away from it, instead of right up by it. Going out into the city that stands above the cave and dominates one part of the island. From a high vantage they see all the doors of the city gates are open, the last of which is the only one active, with hundreds of blue distant shapes fighting hundreds of brown ones. The group assumes the blue dots are the strangely colored yeti of the area. From the high vantage point Borin Gromstock spots another Keyhole shaped cave, this one going down, the group decides to go there for their answer. After lots of steps the group treads into what they refer to as “The Downward Spiral” to discover a riddle set out for them. Putting the proper creatures to the proper pedestals they are granted access to the next level. Two more solved puzzles gets to an impossible one, but beings who came here before have solved the issue, ripping a hole to the next level. The group follows suit after Emma is temporarily turned to crystal, dropping down three more levels, to the ground floor.

A keyhole cut into the wall is glowing with unknown magic, the focal point of the room. After a little debate Emma sticks her hand into the hole, the power infuses her, she can now open and close portals. Up out of the Downward Spiral Emma tests her power by closing one of the gates, which was glowing to her eyes only the same way the keyhole once did, before she took the power. She releases the hook from the ship, jumps aboard, then lowers the hook for the rest of the group. While snickering about her joke she misses the evil glare of Captain Neverlynn and a dark shape in the water, seething with anger.


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