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  • Winters Reach

    The captial and the largest city of the Northlands. Has a mostly human (Northmen) population, but other human subraces, dwarves, elves, halflings, and gnomes can be found there as well.

  • Pilgrim Mine

    A small mine that is a 4 hour walk north from Winters Reach. The mine is ran by [[:foreman-jym]]. Silver was recently discovered after the heroes cleared a sealed off tunnel. The new tunnel also contained more than just silver, an ancient tomb was …

  • Gaille's Cottage

    The home of Gaille Chanzice and her sons, Rorion and Touwmeral, about two hours out from Winters Reach. It sits in a small meadow set a little back from the road. All around the house is dozens of herb gardens, growing lushly, in a random fashion. The …

  • Sleeping Giant Pass

    A military outpost built into the mountain range that seperates the Northlands from the Frozen Wastes. The outpost is positioned at the opening of a natural pass thru the mountains. Sleeping Giant's purpose is to stop any of the hostile inhabitants ( …

  • Hosten

    A small village near Winters Reach that specializes in hunting and trapping.

  • The Crazed Narwhal

    A rough bar located near the docks of [[Winters Reach]]. The bar is named after the fabled "Crazed Narwhal" who terrorizes local fisherman who venture too far out. The banner that hangs in front of this dive bar: !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/ …

  • Grunden

    The Mountain Dwarf city is located in the Frost Ring Mountains, about two days travel west from [[Sleeping Giant Pass]]. The soldiers of the Sleeping Giant are known to trade with Grunden from time to time.

  • Waterworks

    Controls everything water related for the city of Grunden. It is large multi-level structure located underneath Grunden. Various monsters get in through the reservoir for time to time and disrupt the flow of water to the city above. Monsters …

  • Pilgrim Cemetery

    A small cemetery has been recently been established nearby for those killed at Pilgrim Mine. Grave Sites: *various Miners *various [[Winters Reach]] Guards *A memorial to [[:shaena-smallfoot]]

  • The Daylight Chapel

    An ancient abandoned chapel to Pelor also called the "Exclescia" watched over by a Bishop. At this time the temple is surrounded by some evil red webbing. Just a little bit north from there is The Hermit's Cabin.