Elk Lodge

The PCs “home base” located in Winters Reach. The lodge is owned and ran by ~ Balguun Storm-Giver. Commonly referred to as the Elk.

Elk lodge

Ground Floor
The elk lvl 1

1: Stairs (Down to basement/Up to Innkeeper’s quarters)
2: Kitchen
3: Fireplace
4: Elk Stage
5: Main Hall
6: Private Room 1
7: Private Room 2
8: Private Room 3
9: Privy Stairs
10: Balguun’s Bar
11: The proverbial corner table
12: Puffplace
13: Coat room/Night Innkeeper
14: Stairs to rooms
15: Breezeway
16: Main Entrance

Second Floor
The elk lvl 2

21: Storm-Giver family’s quarters
22: Stairs up to long term quarters
23: The rooms for rent
24: Summer balcony
25: Halfling/Gnome rooms
26: The Big Room
27: Stairs to Common Rooms
28: Stairs to Breezeway

Third Floor
The elk lvl 3

29: Long term quarters
A: THE Lash Bremlee’s room
E: Borin’s Room
F: Smallfoot’s Room
30: Purple Pallet Room (Cheapest)
31: Red Rug Room (Best of the Cheapest)
32: Blue Bunk Room (Middle Cheapest)

The elk basement

17: The basement storage area
18: Baths rooms Male and Female
19: Women’s Privy
20: Men’s Privy

Elk Lodge

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