Faelan's Backstory

Faelan – Masculine name meaning “little wolf”. Alternate form of Faolán.

Ráca – Elvish, meaning “wolf”.

Faelan’s parents were very surprised when she was born and she was a she. The town midwife had assured them that they were having a boy and she had never been wrong before. They had even already picked a name. Faolán, after her father, Ráca. But, as their son had turned out to be a daughter, they instead went with the more feminine sounding variation of Faelan.

Her father, Faelan thinks, never quite recovered from the disappointment. But, despite this, he still loved his daughter very much and tried to teach Faelan everything he knew. Ráca was a swordsmith and she would sit, day after day, by the forge, watching her father work. They would always return home together in the evening covered in soot. Her mother, Terrwyn, would always shake her head, smile, and tell them both to wash up before they dirtied the entire house.

Her mother, an herbalist, specialized in healing plants. She would make tonics, balms and poulstices for the villagers and sell them out of their home. Faelan can still recall her mother always smelling of sage and lavender.

Her childhood was very happy.

One evening, when she had grown, Faelan was walking home with her father when an orc raiding party came sweeping through the village without warning.

“Faelan, run home, find your mother!” Her father yelled, gently pushing her in the direction of their cottage.

Wide-eyed and terrified, Faelan did as he said. Her father ran back to the forge, took up a newly finished blade, and began to fight off the invaders alongside the other villagers.

The minutes stretched into what seemed like an eternity as Faelan hid in the loft of their home with her mother. Until suddenly there was a pounding on the front door. Faelan muffled her scream.

“Terrwyn, come quickly!” It was their neighbor outside. “Your husband has been hurt!”

Faelan looked up at her mother who had placed a hand over her mouth, tears shining in her eyes.

They both scurried out of the loft and removed the barricade from the door, then ran to the village square which was now littered with the corpses of orcs and elves. Fires consumed thatched roofs, thick smoke leaving a haze over the entire gory scene.

“No!” her mother cried, rushing across the square to where her father lay on the ground not far from his forge.

“Ada?” Faelan choked as she approached her fathers broken form, tears streaming down her cheeks. His blade was nowhere to be found and his stomach had been laid open. Blood was draining from his body, pooling around him in the dirt.

“No, no, no…” Her mother cried over and over, taking her fathers cold hand and shaking her head. She knew that his wounds were beyond her ability to heal.

With a shuddering sob, Faelan knelt by her fathers side, taking his other hand. She closed her eyes tightly, uttering a silent, desperate prayer to Correllon to save her father.

There was a soft flash of light. When Faelan opened her eyes, her fathers wound had closed. Though he was still pale and weak, Ráca opened his eyes to look up at her.

She gasped. Only a moment ago her father had been bleeding out and on the threshold of death. Now, he was healed.

It was at that moment that Faelan realized that Correllon had heard her and granted her the power to save her father. She understood that her destiny was not to be a swordsmith or an herbalist.

With the aid of her mothers herbs, her father eventually made a full recovery. Not long after, Faelan left her family home for the temple of Correllon Larethian where she began her studies. She had indeed been blessed by Correllon and soon became a cleric. Upon completing her training, Faelan took the second name “Siannodel” which means Moonbrook. “Moon” for the symbol of Correllon, and “brook” for water, which is the element associated with healing.

Faelan Siannodel then left the shelter of the temple to use her gift to aid others.

Faelan's Backstory

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