Small Fey
AC: 12
HP: 5 (1d6+1)
Speed: 40ft
Str: 3 (-4) Dex: 15 (2) Con: 12(1)
Int: 14 (20 Wis: 10 (0) Cha: 13 (1)
Alignment: neutral
Languages: common, halfling

Spellcasting: The leprechaun has the following spells (save DC 11).
Cantrips: minor illusion
2nd Level(at-­‐will): invisibility, polymorph objects
3rd Level(1/day): blink

Vigilant: advantage on Wis(perception) and Int(search).

Weakness for Wine: If a creature gives a leprechaun wine, the creature has advantage on Charisma checks to interact with the leprechaun.


Melee – Dagger 3 to hit, 1d42 piercing dmg

Steal: The leprechaun chooses a creature and makes a Dexterity check to steal a small object from the creature, provided the creature is not holding the object. If the leprechaun is hidden or invisible, it has advantage on the check. The leprechaun’s check is opposed by the creature’s Wisdom check. If it wins the contest, the leprechaun steals the object. If the creature wins, it
notices the attempt.

Level: 1 XP: 10



Northlands Adventure Longhammer