Long Horizon

An adventuring guild tasked with protecting and supporting the people within the Northlands, specifically Winters Reach. Several members are grouping up with other adventurers around Winters Reach while the city is relatively safe. They are associated with the much larger guild, Legion of the Emerald Falcon and take any jobs or orders from them above all else. Long Horizon’s leader is an Enchanter Mage named Shiroe Kei.

Current Memebers:
Shiroe Kei – Guildmaster, Male Half-Elf Enchanter Mage, strategist for Legion of the Emerald Falcon; aka Villain in Glasses

Nyanta – Second in Command, Male Were-Cat Ranger, dual rapiers as main weapons, Chef of the guild

Naotsugu- Third in Command, Human Male Paladin, uses heavy armor, sword and shield as main weapons.

Akatsuki- Human Female Rogue Assassin, uses short sword, personal body guard and spy master to Shiroe

Tetra – Human Female Cleric, main healer for the guild, staff as main weapon.

Isuzu – Human Female Bard, uses spear as main weapon and plays the shamisen, tsuzumi, and ryuteki as instruments.

Rundel Code – Half-Elf Male Evocation Mage

Minori Kei – Human Female Cleric, focuses on protection and damage magic, staff as main weapon, youngest member of the guild, Shiroe’s apprentice, twin sister to Tohya

Tohya Kei – Human Male Fighter, wears a unique set of armor and weapons (Samurai armor and Katana) youngest member of the guild, Naotsugu’s apprentice, twin brother to Minori


Long Horizon

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