Mining Hobgoblins By Lash Bremlee

Mining Hobgoblins

By Lash Bremlee

Whistling a merry tune we three left our room.
We made our way as we were showed, to the Quarry just up the road.
A mining we would go, for clay and iron nodes.
With pick, shovel, and barrel all new, fellow travelers there were few.
Further on less then few, just me and the halfling two.

As we approached a growling came, sounding not a wee but tame.
Turning on the halfing Wall to one side, I frowned in him unable to confide.
Small the halfing at my right was named, but to HER I could not admit my shame.
Half my size and they hesitated not a bit, in fact it seemed they did not give a shit.

Before I could make a kind excuse and run, the wee folk began to have their fun.
A flash of flame burst from Small, past my head while I did stall.
Oh there came a yelping from the trees, A burning War Wolf screamed forth at me.
Once more fire sprang from her hands to engulf that nightmare before it did land.

Wall did not bat an eye, with a flick of his wrist silver did fly.
He did fling a dozen daggers true into another wolf running it through.
Daggers buried in all four knees two in it’s nostrils so it could not sneeze.
The foul thing collapsed to the ground not uttering another sound.

The two halflings did laugh and jest, about who had killed theirs best.
As quick as a flash they were on their way to work in the mine the rest if the day.
I stumbled forth, forced a smile, thinking the halflings as deadly as crocodiles.
But through the doors we did march down the stairs through the arch.

In one room I went they in another, getting along like sister and brother.
Mining is loud toiling I did think, from them rose more than clatter and clink.
Only one barrel did I fill with clay, in their pile six did lay.
With a huff of anger this I could not believe, way to much for them to retrieve.

Into the barrels I looked one, two, three what did I see but eyes looking out at me.
While I was mining clay and ore those halflings were mining much much more.
Right to the brim those barrels were filled with hobgoblins some not fully killed.
Wall and Small had left them for my sword simply because they were bored.

Soon after that the foreman came with some adventurers the mines to reclaim.
“No need,” I told them in my shame two halflings had played the gobs like a game.
The foreman rejoiced his troops humbled, no more targets made halflings grumble.
Reward in my purse I had time to reflect, what the halflings and I would do next.

Mining Hobgoblins By Lash Bremlee

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