Northlands Adventure

Denizens of the Deep! First Tide

Day 135

It’s your average day in The Elk Lodge; Faelan blissful in her fervor to the god of moons and pointed ears, Wall who is going to wait just two more minutes before slipping into the night to perform some nefarious acts, Lash strumming his lute which unequivocally invites the affections of all the maids of bar, Khan quietly silent while pondering the hush of infinity, Borin enjoying the shit out of some mad hell-a good ale, Emmie sipping booze covering her real deed the writing of “How to Make Arch-Enemies and Nemesis of All Peoples.” When the door opens in one of those ways where it’s instantly clear the plot has come to The Elk in more than just a vague way.

A figured wreathed in black and shelled in steel plate dredges up to the bar. His deep inhuman voice washes over the room, he’s asking for a female halfling, pulling out a picture of a tri-corner hat. Offering bribes and rewards, Emmie reveals herself, but then refuses to go with the stranger. He pulls out a mace, the group pulls out their assorted weapons, the fight goes bad for the Dark Stranger. Once defeated the group viciously rips the thing apart, divvying up his shell, Emmie dumping the barely living Eel into a pitcher. Dumping it like waste into sea she then returns where Borin takes the lead in investigating where this strange automaton came from. Their search leads them to The Vacant Stare a bar down the road, the unhappy competitor of The Elk Lodge, the bartender pointing out Rex Dimeadozen to the groups question. Rex, recently drunk and well paid, says he was hired by Dark Stranger down by Peanis Rock.

Once there the DM throws the group a bone and has boot prints in the sand for them to follow. It leads to a strange sight, a glass and steel bubble, the construction of which totally unfamiliar. They fetch Mage Sedrick their only arcane contact, who looks over it and agrees with the groups collective opinion, it’s a Octoman device. But he doesn’t know how to get into it, agrees to try to gain entry, or find a buyer. They roll it to one of his inconspicuous warehouses right down the road from him.

Not two days later the group get a message from Sedrick, at his place he tells them somebody tried to break into the place, the group sets up a reverse covert watch. Eventually a mini Dark Stranger appears, getting scared off by the group, but the two mini members of the party give chase. After a brief dialogue they discover the name of the thing they took is an Oculus, the Small Stranger says it’s theirs. The group says no, then give it a beat down, once more Emmie dashes it to the sea. This time it’s a Sea Horse, she flicks it off, which is number 47 on her list of how to make enemies. “Rule 47: Always leave your defeated foes alive if possible but make sure they know you think they are shit.”

After that little run the group somehow find themselves on guard duty, where more strange stuff happens. A Yeti carrying a bag plays possum, luring the group in to what would be certain death to anybody else, as several more yeti attack. Once dead it’s clear all the Yeti are showing signs of greater intelligence than normal, wearing clothes and carrying stolen goods. The head of a noble elf who was out star gazing, Marvik takes care of that, while the PCs sell the noble’s equipment. Before things faded to black the butler Davtumal Knude requests that the group considers his master’s offer, to take her along on their next quest. They agreed, for a price.



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