~ Shaena's Brother Winslow

The smallest of the Smallfoot kids.


Winslow “Shaena’s Brother Winslow” Smallfoot
Race: Lightfoot Halfling Class: Druid
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Level: 4 Background: Bounty Hunter
Height: 3’ 0" Weight: 35lbs. Sex: Male
Hair: Black Eyes: Light Brown
Experience Points: 1,394
Description: A three foot tall figure with a quarterstaff in hand and a backpack on. The backpack has two coils of rope, one on each side, the staff in the small hand is knotted and slightly warped. The figure wears heavy brown robes with the hood up normally, beneath is a shy simple face with warm brown eyes and black hair tied back in a ponytail. That face usually has a timid, quiet smile upon it if any expression. Under the robes he wears a suit of black leather armor with matching boots and a pair of pouches. On one hip is a sheathed tanto while on the other are a pair of six inch long locks of hair, both brown. One is tied with a red ribbon and the other is blue.

AC: 14 Hit Points: 35
Speed: 25 ft. Hit Dice: 4d8 Initiative: +3

Strength 16 (3)
Dexterity 17 (
Constitution 16 (3)
Intelligence 18 (
Wisdom 19 (4)
Charisma 17 (

Light load: 160lbs.
Maximum load: 320lbs.
Can push, pull or drag 800lbs. max, at full though he moves 5ft. However his size doesn’t matter.

Long jump: 10ft run = 16ft. or 8ft. w/o
High Jump: 10ft run = 6ft. or 3ft. w/o

Attacks 2 attack bonus
Tanto (Dagger), +5; 1d4
3 piercing damage (range 30/120)
Shuriken, 5 (1d43 piercing damage (range 30/120)
Quarterstaff, 5 (1d63 or 1d8+3 if used two handed, bludgeoning damage)

Weapon Proficiencies: Club, dagger, dart, javelin, mace, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, sling and spear.
Armor Proficiencies: Padded, leather, dragon leather, hide armor and shields made of wood.
Other Proficiencies: Mounts (land), Herbalism kit.
Saving Throw: Wisdom

Stealth +5
Perception +6
Survival +6
Search +6
Nature +6
Arcana +6
Religion +6

Race: Lightfoot Halfling
Lucky: When a natural 1 is rolled on an attack roll, ability check or saving throw is rolled, reroll and take the new one.
Fearless: Gain advantage on saving throws vs. being frightened.
Halfling Nimbleness: Move through spaces of hostile creatures that are larger then you.
Languages: Common, Draconic, Sylvan, and Halfling
Naturally Stealthy: Can attempt to hide even when only obscured by a creature one size category larger then him.

Wild Shape 3/day [Shape of the Hound]
Druid Circle: Circle of the Moon
Moon Shapes (revert to normal and get hps = to druid level)

Background: Bounty Hunter
Trait – Bounty Board

Feats: Lore Master

Leather armor
Traveler’s clothes
Shuriken (20)
Manacle sets (2)
Healer’s kit
Mess kit
Fishing tackle
Torches (10)
Rations (10 days)
Sacks (10)
50ft hempen rope
Collection of “Wanted” broadsheets
50ft silk rope
Climber’s kit
Two locks of brown hair, one with a red ribbon and one with a blue one.

9 gp, 1sp 0cp ? lbs.

Armor Class 14
Speed 50 ft.
Special Senses
Low-­light vision
Keen Senses.
You gain a +5 bonus to all ability checks to detect hidden creatures.

+6 to hit, 1d8 + 4, piercing or slashing damage.

Generally Memorized:
Cantrips – Shilleglagh and Druidcraft

1st-Level Spells: 3
Cure Wounds
Speak with Animals

2nd-Level Spells: 2
Pass without a Trace

Healer Memorized:
Cantrips – Shilleglagh and Druidcraft

1st-Level Spells: 3
Cure Wounds
Healing Word

2nd-Level Spells: 2
Lesser Restoration
Protection from Poison

Anti-fire Memorized:
Cantrips – Shilleglagh and Druidcraft

1st-Level Spells: 3
Create or Destroy Water
Gust of Wind

2nd-Level Spells: 2
Animal Messenger
Lesser Restoration

Bounty Hunting Memorized:
Cantrips – Shilleglagh and Druidcraft

1st-Level Spells: 3
Charm Person
Speak with Animals

2nd-Level Spells: 2
Flame Blade
Hold Person

Combat Memorized:
Cantrips – Shilleglagh and Druidcraft

1st-Level Spells: 3
Cure Wounds
Gust of Wind

2nd-Level Spells: 2
Heat Metal
Flame Blade


Winslow was the last of the kids born to the Smallfoot family with his sister Shaena being the oldest of the three and Emma being the middle child. With the other two as his sisters Winslow grew up finding that he was not supposed to really have an opinion. At school and a number of other places he was known as Shaena’s brother.. or Shaena’s brother Winslow if he was lucky. If he was somewhere that just Emma was known then he was Winslow because anyone who tried to call him ’Emmie’s brother..’ generally got a fist, foot or elbow in the face from Emma just as Shaena’s friends got when they spoke of Emma as ’Shaena’s sister Emma’.
While Shaena was doing her apprenticeship, and Emma was out drinking and fighting, Winslow was the one who stayed at home. Shy and quiet generally he liked the garden at the back of the house and could be counted upon to tend it, do laundry, clean the place and help with the cooking. Mother Smallfoot once remarked that Winslow was finally the proper daughter she’d always wanted. That was the day Father Smallfoot got out of his chair and left. Once back, Winslow was handed a bundle of his very first set of new clothes, not hand-me-downs from Emma which we hand-me-downs from Shaena, but his very own clothes. He was also handed a fishing rod and tackle before Father steered him out of the house.
Fishing was something Winslow enjoyed a lot after that and he was introduced to one of the neighbors who fished and was a druid. Quiet chats on the riverbank became lessons and Winslow began to learn the ways of nature. Eager for more knowledge he started to sneak into Shaena’s room when she wasn’t home and steal her books to read as much as she could. Normally this would be done after Emma went in to steal clothes. Shaena would often seal her door with spells which Emma would simply set off.
Of course sometimes it was justified on Emma’s part, especially with the hat incident. Emma brought home a hat she’d won playing cards and she always wore a pair of black, fingerless leather gloves. Shaena loved that hat after the first time she saw it and would steal it and the gloves whenever she got a chance. Emma started to put a large ‘X’ on her door to ward off Shaena and Winslow followed suit only to have Shaena break in to either get her things back or steal the hat and gloves.
During this time they’d sneak off and adventure with each other to sharpen their skills until one day they were going through a large cellar facing rats. Bitten up, battered and bruised the three of them wanted out. Emma said to go left, Shaena wanted to go right so they got into an argument before fists and fire got tossed back and forth. Both knocked out, it was up to Winslow to drag them out of the place which he did. However once they were safe he took out his knife and cut off one pigtail from each of them trying to teach them not to argue. This simply meant that they were pissed at him as well as each other though.
The girls were often hardly home, though at least once a week they ate at home with the family if they wanted to or not. This was because Mother Smallfoot would send Winslow out to fetch them. Over time he got rather good at it. In fact one day after capturing Emma from a particularly rough bar and heading out with her, he was stopped by a guard’s man and asked if he’d mind catching someone else. A wanted poster was handed over and Winslow shrugged then nodded. The next day the thief on the poster was delivered to the guard and Winslow was handed another wanted poster and a small sack of gold. This confused and amused Winslow, he’d never gotten paid for dragging his sisters back home for dinner and they were both tougher to deal with then the thief had been.
So Winslow became a bounty hunter, Shaena escaped to the north to find different taverns to entertain, taking Emma’s hat and gloves with her, while Emma just kept being Emma. Shaena wrote them letters, well she wrote Mother letters and the rest of them read them too. Winslow would write back for each of them so they were caught up on what was happening in each other’s lives until the day Shaena died.
Emma went alone to the north, on the pretense of getting her hat back. She went as the representative of the family since she was now the big sister. While the hat fit, because it was originally her’s, the boots never seemed to have. She works to write and let the family what’s going on. About the last mission, Shaena’s friends and now the ghost which has appeared. But Mother Smallfoot has considered things and is thinking of sending Winslow after his sisters once again.

~ Shaena's Brother Winslow

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