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You’re never safe in the savage north, between the weather and it’s many feral denizens. You are never safe, even in your bed, but especially not outside of Winter’s Reach. Civilization grows mighty thin out there, if it can ever be counted at all, it can’t in the villages and out on the road, it’s too damn cold for civilization. When all the other areas of the world were being safely populated, being fought over time and time again, the peoples of the world ignored the Northlands.

For good reason too, because there, more than any other place on this plane, you are never safe!

These brave souls strive to make the north a place to live.

Borin Gromstock
Emma Smallfoot
Faelan Siannodel
Khan Shadowstar
Lash Bremlee
Walhand Sandtracker
Rundel Code
Daxos Iroas

Home Page

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